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Chandra Electronic Announcement #93

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1. The Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Program now accepting on-line
2. Upcoming Chandra Users' Committee Meeting
3. CalDB 4.5.8 Released

Item 1: The Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Program now accepting
on-line applications

The Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is now accepting on-line
applications. Full details of the program and instructions for
applicants can be found at:

The deadline for applications is November 7, 2013.

Item 2: Upcoming Chandra Users' Committee Meeting

The Chandra Users' Committee's purpose is to represent the broader user
community to the Chandra X-ray Center by providing a formal mechanism
for influencing CXC policies and operations.

The next CUC meeting will take place at the CfA in Cambridge on Oct
22d, 2013.  We encourage Chandra users to communicate any issues of
concern relevant to the CUC in a timely fashion, so that they might be
included in the meeting agenda.

The webpage for the CUC:

shows its current membership with contact information, and also
provides links for past CUC meetings, to their agenda, CXC
presentations, minutes, as well as CUC recommendations to the
CXC, and the CXC response to those recommendations.

Item 3: CalDB 4.5.8 Released

CalDB 4.5.8 was released to the public on 22 Aug 2013.

It includes ACIS T_GAIN Epoch 54 (May-July 2013) updates, and no other
new additions. ACIS Observations affected are those taken since 01 Feb
2013.  See "How CalDB 4.5.8 Affects Your Analysis" at


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