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1. Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for 2013
2. Topics for Chandra Science Workshop
3. Upcoming Chandra Users Committee Meeting
4. WARNING: Eight Sgr A* HETG observations affected by processing problems

Item 1: Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for 2013

The CXC announces the 2013 Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
and solicits applications for fellowships to begin in the fall of
2013. The Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship program, sponsored by NASA,
awards Fellowships to recent Ph.D.'s (since January 1, 2010) in
astronomy, physics, and related disciplines.  The deadline for
applications is NOVEMBER 1, 2012.  Please see the Einstein Fellowship
Web Page for details:

Dr. Andrea Prestwich
Einstein Fellowship Program Coordinator
Chandra X-ray Center

Item 2: Topics for Chandra Science Workshop

The CXC organizes Chandra Science Workshops on topics of interest to
observers and theorists alike.  Workshop goals optimize Chandra
science productivity by 
    * highlighting recent scientific progress
    * identifying areas ripe for progress
    * characterizing the most pressing scientific questions
    * debating good strategies to answer them

This year's Chandra Science Workshop on
        X-ray Binaries - Celebrating 50 Years Since the Discovery of Sco X-1
( was a great success.  Thanks to all participants!

We are soliciting ideas for future Chandra Science Workshops. Please
check your ideas against past workshops listed below. The scope should
be likely to attract between 80-120 attendees, and span 2-3 days
duration.   If you suggest a meeting topic, please include a brief
description of the motivation(s) for such a workshop keeping in mind
the above goals, and feel free to suggest some likely members of a
Scientific Organizing Committee. 

    Past Chandra Science Workshops
2012 * X-Ray Binaries - Celebrating 50 Years Since the Discovery of Sco X-1
2011 * Structure in Clusters and Groups of Galaxies in the Chandra Era
2010 * Accretion Processes in X-rays: from White Dwarfs to Quasars
2009 * Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae in the Chandra Era
2008 * Radio Galaxies in the Chandra Era
2007 * X-Ray Grating Spectroscopy
2006 * Extragalactic Surveys - A Chandra Science Workshop
2005 * Star Formation in the Era of Three Great Observatories
2004 * Galaxies Viewed with Chandra Workshop

Paul Green
for the Chandra Director's Office

Item 3: Upcoming Chandra Users Committee Meeting

The Chandra Users Committee's purpose is to represent the broader user
community to the Chandra X-ray Center by providing a formal mechanism
for influencing CXC policies and operations. 

The next CUC meeting will take place at the CfA in Cambridge on Oct
10th, 2012. We encourage Chandra users to communicate any issues of
concern relevant to the CUC in a timely fashion, so that they might be
included in the meeting agenda which should be substantially developed
by mid-September. 

The webpage for the CUC:
shows its current membership with contact information, and also
provides links for past CUC meetings, to their agenda, CXC
presentations, minutes, as well as CUC recommendations to  the CXC,
and the CXC response to those recommendations. 

Item 4: WARNING: Eight Sgr A* HETG observations affected by processing problems
An initial processing problem (incorrect 0th order position) affected
the Sgr A* HETG observations listed below. These obsids have all been
reprocessed and the correct datasets are currently in the archive. If
you downloaded these obsids from the archive *before* the reprocessing
date listed below, please download the data again since the old
datasets contained incorrect results. Contact the CXC HelpDesk if you
need further clarification. 


13838    Aug 17 2012
13840    Aug 17 2012
13847    Aug 17 2012
13848    Aug 17 2012
13852    Aug 20 2012
13857    Aug 20 2012
14427    Aug 20 2012
14439    Aug 13 2012


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