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1. Update to Cost Review Process in Cycle 13

Item 1: Update to Cost Review Process in Cycle 13

After discussion with the Chandra Users' Committee and with the 
approval of the Chandra Project Office at MSFC, the Chandra X-ray Center 
is modifying the Cost Review in order to streamline the process and reduce 
the workload on external peer reviewers and PIs.

Starting in Cycle 13, each approved proposal with a US-based PI and/or co-Is
will be allocated a budget based on the size and scope of the approved
observing program, similar to the previous fair share calculation,
for observing proposals or on the proposed/recommended budget for theory 
and archive proposals. Cost proposals will be solicited, as usual, with 
the deadline of 7 September, and must be submitted with a budget matching 
the allocation. Cost proposals will be reviewed at the CXC and by the SAO 
Grant Awards Section for accuracy and completeness before an award is issued 
either by SAO or MSFC (for federal awards). 

As instructed in the Call for Proposals, those PI's of observing
proposals who are informed that their observations will be 
scheduled in July-September should submit their cost proposals 
within a month of receipt of the peer review results letter. These 
proposals will be reviewed and processed at high priority in order to 
minimize, subject to the availability of funds, the delay between 
obtaining the first data and receiving financial support.

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