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Joint NRAO/Chandra Accepted Cycle 19 Targets and Abstracts

Proposal NumberSubject CategoryPI NameChandra TimeTitle
19700757ACTIVE GALAXIES AND QUASARSTarraneh Eftekhari50.00ksLate-time X-ray and Radio Observations of the Unique Relativistic TDE Sw 1644+57


Proposal Number: 19700757

Title: Late-time X-ray and Radio Observations of the Unique Relativistic TDE Sw 1644+57

PI Name: Tarraneh Eftekhari

Transient accretion onto a supermassive black hole due to the tidal disruption of a star provides a unique opportunity to observe the birth and evolution of relativistic jets. The discovery of the first such event by Swift in 2011 has opened a new window into these events. Previous X-ray and radio observations have traced the evolution of the jet and helped to characterize the ambient medium surrounding a previously dormant supermassive black hole. In this Chandra proposal, we seek to track the continued dynamical evolution of the jet into the non-relativistic regime. Joint X-ray and radio observations will probe the properties of the outflow nearly 7 years later and help to constrain the density profile around the black hole to extended radii.

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