The 2011 X-ray Astronomy School, organized jointly by HEASARC at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the Chandra X-ray Center, is designed to introduce graduate students and recent postdocs to the intricacies of X-ray astronomy.

There are currently five operating X-ray satellites — Chandra, RXTE, Swift, Suzaku, and XMM-Newton — in addition to the online archives from earlier missions. X-ray astronomy is thus an important resource for research in many topics in astrophysics. However, many astronomers have never analyzed X-ray data and do not have a clear idea of the methods and challenges involved.

The lectures emphasize the foundations of X-ray astronomy rather than any particular software tools. However, the school does include a hands-on component in which participants will analyze an X-ray dataset of their choice using the standard software.

By attending the X-ray Astronomy School, students will have the opportunity to learn from scientists who are actively participating in X-ray research and analysis. The School also allows the next generation of X-ray Astronomers to discuss their research interests with their colleagues and future collaborators.

There will be a free one-day workshop on the CIAO software package on 06 August 2011. Students attending the X-ray Astronomy School may choose to attend this workshop as well.

X-ray Astronomy School is sponsored by

  • The Chandra X-ray Center
  • NASA
  • XMM-Newton