15 years of Chandra

Invited Speakers

Antara Basu-Zych X-ray Emission from Primordial Starbursts
Brad Benson Cosmology and Cluster Evolution from the SPT Survey
University of Chicago
Francesca Civano The Chandra/COSMOS Legacy Survey
Yale University
Judith Croston Physics of AGN Radio Structures from X-ray Imaging
University of Southampton, England
Giuseppina FabbianoGalaxies and X-ray Populations
Daryl Haggard Sgr A*, The Gas Cloud, and the Galactic Center
Amherst College
Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo Physics of Clusters and AGN Feedback
Stanford University/ Universite de Montreal
David Huenemoerder High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of Stars
Victoria Kaspi Neutron Stars
McGill University
Rodolfo Montez Chandra Survey of Young Planetary Nebulae
Vanderbilt University
Giuseppina Micela Chandra Insights on Young Stellar Objects
INAF, Palermo
Jon Miller Black Hole Binaries: Winds, Disks, Jets
University of Michigan
Jacco Vink X-ray Views on Supernovae Remnants and Cosmic Rays
University of Amsterdam