Last modified: 8 October 2019


HRC-S Time-dependent Gain Corrections and PI Filter

A new HRC-S gain map and a pulse-height filter for use with LETG data was released in CALDB 4.2.0 (15 December 2009). Over half of Level=2 background events can be removed at most wavelengths with a loss of ~1.25% of X-ray events.

The primary differences from the old gain map and PI filter are:

Relevant Plots

Users working with HRC-S data should reprocess to improve the TGAIN calibration in their data by running the chandra_repro script or by following the Create a New Level=2 Event File thread. The PI background filter is applied to HRC-S/LETG data, as explained in the "Apply background filter" section of the LETG/HRC-S Grating Spectra thread.