Last modified: 12 December 2018

How do I quickly display an image?

The make_figure routine can display an image as well as contour it by explicitly giving the "image" argument after the file name. If the image contains WCS information then the contours will be drawn using this grid, unless specified otherwise.

[The image displayed with the 'heat' color map]
make_figure("img.fits", "image")
make_figure("img.fits", "image", ["colormap", "heat"])
make_figure("img.fits", "image", ["wcs", "physical"])


The ChIPS GUI makes it easy to modify a visualization using your mouse, rather than Python functions. The GUI can also be used to add annotations - such as labels, lines, points and regions - and to zoom or pan into plots.

The ChIPS Gallery

More examples can be seen in the ChIPS Gallery.

Unsupported WCS projections

The add_contour, add_image, and make_figure commands will warn you if given an image with an unsupported WCS projection (that is, everything but a tangent-plane projection), and fall back to using the physical or logical systems. An example of the warning is:

chips WARNING: Unable to use world transform - RA---SIN, DEC--SIN is an unsupported type. Using physical transform.