Last modified: 12 December 2018

How do I create a plot of an image?

Images can be created using either make_figure or add_image:

make_figure("img.fits", "image")
make_figure("img.fits", "image", ["colormap", "heat"])

add_image("img.fits", ["colormap", "heat"])

The ChIPS Gallery

More examples can be seen in the ChIPS Gallery.

Unsupported WCS projections

The add_contour, add_image, and make_figure commands will warn you if given an image with an unsupported WCS projection (that is, everything but a tangent-plane projection), and fall back to using the physical or logical systems. An example of the warning is:

chips WARNING: Unable to use world transform - RA---SIN, DEC--SIN is an unsupported type. Using physical transform.