Last modified: 12 December 2018

How do I select an object (change currency)?

There are several ways that currency can be changed:

With the ChIPS GUI

You can directly select objects by double clicking on them in the ChIPS window or by selecting them from the Info Frame of the GUI, as discussed in the Interacting with the ChIPS window section of the 'Starting ChIPS' thread.


will change the current curve to "crv1" in the current plot. The list of current_<object> commands is: current_axis(), current_colorbar(), current_contour(), current_curve(), current_frame(), current_histogram(), current_image(), current_label(), current_line(), current_plot(), current_point(), current_region(), and current_window().


The set_current routine can be used to change the currency to a given object by specifying its type and name. The example below changes the current curve to "crv1":

set_current(chips_curve, "crv1")

Changing an attribute of an object changes the currency to that object. So the following

id = ChipsId()
id.plot = "plot1"
id.curve = "crv2"
set_curve(id, ["line.color","red"])

sets the line color of the curve called crv2 in plot plot1 to red, and makes this plot and curve current.


Creating an object - via add_<object>() or make_figure() - will make that object current.


Deleting a curve will change the currency back to the last curve to be current in that plot.

Further information can be found in the Currency Concept documentation.