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Chandra Electronic Announcement #54

			     26 June 2009                                      

One announcement:   
1.  Bologna X-ray Astronomy 2009 Conference


Item 1.   Bologna X-ray Astronomy 2009 Conference


 | X-RAY ASTRONOMY 2009 | 
| Present Status, multiwavelength approach | 
| and future perspectives | 
| September 7 - 11, 2009 | 
| Aula Absidale di Santa Lucia | 
| Bologna (Italy) |

 | http://www.iasfbo.inaf.it/events/xray2009/index.php | 

Dear Colleague, 

This is the third, and final, announcement for the Bologna X-ray 
Astronomy 2009 conference. The meeting has received a great positive response 
from the astronomical community, with about 300 participants planned to 

The contributed talks have been now carefully selected to balance and 
complement the invited talks in order to create a coherent program. 

The full list of invited and contributed talks can be found on the web site: 


The final schedule with a detailed timetable of all the talks will 
be available on the web site around July 15. 

We apologise to those whose request could not be accommodated. 
The conference site will be updated soon with more details on program 
and logistics. 

We would like to remind potential new participants that: 

i) the last deadline for registration with reduced fee is JULY 1st. 

ii) the hall capacity is approximately of 300 persons, those interested 
in the meeting should register as soon as possible. After July 1st, 
registrations may have to be closed. 

Note also the deadline for the Hotel booking, JUNE 30th. Since a large 
fair will start in Bologna on those days, Hotel availability will be 
very limited, thus we STRONGLY recommend you to book your hotel room NOW. 
Note that we make available to you a service with booked rooms and 
convenient prices at: 


With best regards, 

The SOC and the LOC 


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