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Chandra Electronic Announcement #53

			     16 January 2009                                      
Two announcements:   
1.  15 January 2009 Update to Cycle 11 Proposer Information
2.  CIAO 


Item 1.  15 January 2009 Update to Cycle 11 Proposer Information

The Chandra X-ray Center is pleased to announce the release of the Cycle 11
Proposers' Observatory Guide (POG) and the final release (for this cycle)
of instrument Effective Areas. The release is accessible via the Proposer
pages (http://cxc.harvard.edu/proposer/) on the CXC website.

The 15 Jan 2009 release includes:

- Proposers' Observatory Guide (POG)

- HRMA Effective Area Update (POG 4.2.2), affects PIMMS and Effective 
		Area Viewer
- Information on remaining uncertainties in the ACIS Effective Areas due
	to uncertainty in the ACIS Filter Contaminant (POG 6.5.1)

- PRoVis (Pitch Roll and Visibility Tool): Patch to include Internet Explorer

- ObsVis (Observation Visualizer):  Standalone version (i.e. independent of

- CIAO 4.1.1 (see below)

CALDB 4.1.1 - the CALDB release including the updated HRMA Effective Area will 
be made on Tuesday, Jan 20, allowing data analysis tasks to access
the updated Areas. This update brings spectral fits to high temperature 
into better agreement both internally to Chandra and with XMM-Newton results.

				Belinda Wilkes
				Assistant Director


Item 2.  CIAO

CIAO 4.1 has been patched to CIAO 4.1.1 as of January 15, 2009.
This is a patch which contains PIMMS data files for Cycle 11 proposal 

Full release notes can be found at

The patch can be downloaded from
and the European mirror

Instructions on how to patch CIAO4.1 with CIAO4.1.1 can be found on the 

Additionally, there is an updated standalone version of ObsVis that does 
not require CIAO be available on the user's system. This version of the 
application is designed for non-CIAO users who are writing a Chandra 
Cycle 11 proposal.
The standalone ObsVis is available for download from the ObsVis website 
at http://cxc.harvard.edu/obsvis/


As always please send questions and requests for enhancements to the CXC
HELPDESK (http://cxc.harvard.edu/helpdesk/)

CIAO is a collaborative effort between the SAO/CXC Science Data
Systems, the SAO/CXC Data Systems, and MIT/CXC personnel.

Antonella Fruscione (for the CIAO development team)


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