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Chandra Electronic Announcement #48
One announcement:   
1. COSPAR SESSION E14: The Interplay between the Interstellar and 
          Intergalactic Media


Item 1.  The Interplay between the Interstellar and Intergalactic Media  
         from High Redshifts to the Present                    


                         COSPAR SESSION E14         
         The Interplay between the Interstellar and Intergalactic Media  
                   from High Redshifts to the Present                    

                       to be held as part of the
                    37th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
                     Montreal, Canada, July 13-20, 2008

This COSPAR event is focused on investigating the interplay between the
interstellar and intergalactic media in and around galaxies from high redshifts
to our Galaxy. The interplay is believed to play an essential role in galaxy
formation and evolution. The event is aimed to review recent progress in the
field and to stimulate new efforts, both observational and theoretical. We plan
to have both solicited and contributed presentations. The scientific 
addressed include observations in all wavelengths from radio to X-ray and
theoretical/computational studies of both interstellar and intergalactic media.
We invite you to visit the event website
http://www.astro.umass.edu/~wqd/projects/cospar_e14_home.html, to participate 
the event, and to submit abstracts for contributed talks or posters via the
COSPAR assembly website http://www.cospar-assembly.org/.


    * The interplay around nearby galaxies
    * The interplay in group and cluster environments
    * The interplay at high redshifts
    * The interplay in the context of galaxy formation and evolution

Important Deadlines:

    *  Abstract Submission                          17 Feb 2008
    * Applications for Financial Support            17 Feb 2008
    * Hotel Reservation                             30 May 2008
    * Early Registration                            1 June 2008


4 half-day sessions (2 days total)

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Greg Bryan, Tim Heckman, Christine Jones, Jason  Prochaska, Mary Putman, Mike
Shull , and Q. Daniel Wang

Confirmed Solicited Speakers:

Hsiao-Wen Chen (USA)
Dusan Keres (USA)
Min Sun (USA)
Nicolas Bouché (Germany)
Sylvain Velleux (USA)
Taotao Fang (USA)
Riccardo Giovanelli (USA)
Tobias Kaufmann (Switzerland)
Kenneth Sembach (USA)
Bill Forman (USA)
Bernd Vollmer (France)
Andrew Fox (France)
Todd Tripp (USA)
Yangsen Yao (USA)
Joop Schaye
Martin Haehnelt
Greg Bryan (USA)
Tim Heckman (USA)
Christine Jones (USA)
Jason  Prochaska (USA)
Mary Putman (USA)
Mike Shull (USA)
Q. Daniel Wang (USA)

This event is partly sponsored by the Chandra X-Ray Center.

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