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Chandra Electronic Announcement #41


One announcement :

1.  X-ray Grating Spectroscopy Workshop


Item 1.   X-ray Grating Spectroscopy Workshop

The final abstract submission/registration deadline is
	30 MAY 2007
for  X-ray Grating Spectroscopy, a science workshop 
sponsored by the Chandra X-ray Center.  Please note that this
is DURING THE AAS meeting, so please make sure to submit earlier
if you will be in Hawaii.   The workshop will be held 

              July 11-13, 2007 
          in Cambridge, Massachusetts 
          at the Sheraton Commander Hotel

The Workshop webpage 
provides details, including a preliminary program, 
invited speakers, accommodation information,
and a link for Registration/Abstract Submission.

                WORKSHOP GOALS
  * review progress afforded by X-ray grating spectroscopy of
   extragalactic and galactic sources 
  * compare/contrast physical conditions, estimates of location,
   geometry and kinematics of X-ray emitters/absorbers,
   encompassing collisionally- and photo-excited gas across
   different source types 
  * review and compare available atomic data and codes 
  * provide a forum for discussion of:
      -controversial or unexpected new results 
      -potential new strategies for Chandra/XMM grating observations 

                 SCOPE OF THE MEETING
  * New high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy results from the latest
    observations of extragalactic and galactic sources  
  * Deep IGM studies
  * Related medium-resolution X-ray spectroscopy results from
    current satellites  
  * Theoretical interpretations and modeling issues
  * Spectroscopic studies in conjunction with other wavebands 
  * The future of X-ray spectroscopy 

  * Results and discussions based primarily on X-ray imaging or
    timing results  

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