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Chandra Electronic Announcement #27


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1.  Supernova and Gamma-Ray Burst Remnants Conference 


Item 1. Supernova and Gamma-Ray Burst Remnants (Conference) 

(R. Chevalier, U. Hwang, M. Laming)

Feb 06 2006 - Feb 10 2006, KITP, UC Santa Barbara

The connection between supernovae and gamma-ray bursts has provided insights
to extend our understanding of both these phenomena beyond what was known
from studying them separately. A unique window into the connections between
the progenitors and mechanisms of supernova and gamma-ray burst explosions
is provided by their remnants. This meeting brings together experts of the
remnants of both supernovae and gamma-ray bursts to combine this collective
knowledge and to foster productive communication between theorists and

Invited Speakers:
S. Kulkarni, R. Fesen, D. Proga, W. Zhang, J. Granot, L. Wang, R. Romani, J.
Blondin, T. Janka, A. Hungerford, M. Sako, M Laming, D. Burrows, A.
Soderberg, J. Vink, K. Weiler, P. Ghavamian, D. Ellison, M. Medvedev, F.
Aharonian, C. Dermer, P. Kumar, R. Chevalier, T. Piran, J. Reeves, S.
Chapman, J. Kirk, C. Fransson, M. Baring

Early Registration deadline - January 6th 2006
Housing deadline - January 12th 2006

Abstract dealine - November 18th 2005 E-mail Coordinator Martin Laming 
(laming@nrl.navy.mil) if you are interested in presenting a poster.  
Limited space available. A (very) few contributions may be oral


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