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Chandra Electronic Announcement #25


Two announcements:

1. 4th International X-ray Astronomy School

2. IAU Symposium No.230: Populations of High-Energy Sources in Galaxies


Item 1. 4th International X-ray Astronomy School

Cambridge, MA 

15-19 August 2005

X-ray astronomy is currently in a golden area providing important 
insights into many topics in astrophysics. However, many astronomers 
have never analyzed X-ray data and do not have a clear idea of the 
features and challenges involved.
We are organizing a X-ray school intended for graduate students and 
recent postdocs who want to understand the intricacies of X-ray 
The emphasis will be on the foundations of X-ray astronomy rather 
than on any particular software tools but we will have every 
afternoon devoted to hands-on data analysis sessions.

The total enrollment to the school will be limited to 50 people 
(first come, first served) so register early. The deadline for 
registration is June 30, 2005.
There is a registration fee of $250.00

If you are interested in attending this X-ray Astronomy school, 
please see our registration page at: 

The school is organized jointly by the Chandra X-ray Observatory 
Center and NASA.

If you have any questions, please contact: xrayschool@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov


Item 2.  IAU Symposium No.230: Populations of High-Energy Sources in Galaxies 

              2nd Announcement
Dear Colleague,
IAU Symposium No. 230 on "Populations of High-Energy Sources in Galaxies" 
will be held 15-19 August 2005 in Dublin, Ireland. The venue will be Dublin 
Castle, in the centre of town. 

Information on IAU Symposium number 230 is available via

Scope of Symposium
With currently operational high-energy satellite observatories the
potential for conducting detailed studies of individual sources of
high-energy radiation in other galaxies as well as in our own Milky Way
has greatly increased.

The primary objectives for this Symposium are:
* Overview of key source categories in our Galaxy (X-ray and gamma-ray,
  the latter notably referring to INTEGRAL results)
* Review of the results on individual high-energy sources in
  galaxies that have been obtained with Chandra and XMM-Newton
* Derivation of global descriptions of high-energy source
  populations in galaxies
* Assessment of the evolutionary status of stellar populations,
  derived from the X-ray investigations
* Discussion of the high-redshift context of the source populations

Programme and Invited Speakers
The scientific programme will be available by mid-June.
Information on Invited Speakers will be made available shortly on the 
Symposium webpages. 

Public talks
The LOC intends to organize one or two public talks during the Symposium, 
which are primarily directed to the general public. 

Reception and Conference Dinner
On Monday evening (15 August) a Welcome Reception will be held. 
The Conference Dinner takes place on Wednesday 17 August in the plush 
State Apartments of Dublin Castle. It is expected that it will be 
possible for delegates to bring a guest to the Dinner. Guests pay the 
same price of 40 Euros for the dinner as delegates, which represents for 
Dublin good value for money for the four course dinner that is arranged. 
In the case of special requirements (e.g. vegetarian, allergies) for 
the menu, please contact Laura Norci at lno'at'physics.dcu.ie 

Registration and deadline
The Registration has now opened, via the Symposium webpages (see above). 
Full Registration, including payment of Registration Fee and (optional) 
Conference Dinner, must be completed before the deadline of 1 June 2005. 
The Registration Fee is kept to 180 Euros, the Conference Dinner cost 
is 40 Euros per person. The methods of payment are detailed on the 
webpage; the two possible ways of payment are International Money 
Transfer Order and Euro Check. Please ensure that any bank transfer 
costs are taken into account, so that the full amount due will be 
received by the LOC. 
At the Symposium itself, the Registration Desk will open on Sunday 
afternoon, 14 August 2005, which is the recommended arrival date. 

IAU Grants
A limited number of IAU Grants for individual participants will be
available. The IAU Grants can be used primarily for room, board, and
registration fee of candidates unable to provide these by themselves.
The application procedure for these Grants is indicated on the Symposium 
webpages. The deadline for applying for the IAU Grants is 15 April 2005. 

Block reservations have been made with a few suitably located hotels, 
which offer a special price for the participants of this Symposium. 
Participants are requested to make their own bookings with these hotels, 
as described on the Accommodation webpage. The hotels will process the 
bookings on a first come first served basis. In the case that the 
available space in these hotels would be fully booked, or also if e.g. 
another price category would be preferred, the Accommodation webpage 
provides information on alternative possibilities. 

Please circulate this 2nd Announcement in your Institute or University
Department and to colleagues elsewhere that may be interested. 
We apologize if this notice is being sent more than once to you. 

With best regards,
Evert Meurs and Pepi Fabbiano (SOC Co-Chairs)
Brian McBreen (LOC Chair)

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