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Chandra Electronic Announcement #23
IAU Symposium No.230: 1st Announcement Dear Colleague, At its meeting in Mexico City on 25 May 2004, the Executive Committee of the International Astronomical Union accepted the proposal for an IAU Symposium on "Populations of High-Energy Sources in Galaxies", to be held 15-19 August 2005 in Dublin, Ireland. This will be IAU Symposium No. 230. The venue will be Dublin Castle, in the centre of town. With currently operational high-energy satellite observatories the potential for conducting detailed studies of individual sources of high-energy radiation in other galaxies as well as in our own Milky Way has greatly increased. The primary objectives for this Symposium are: * Overview of key source categories in our Galaxy (X-ray and gamma-ray, the latter notably referring to INTEGRAL results) * Review of the results on individual high-energy sources in galaxies that have been obtained with Chandra and XMM-Newton * Derivation of global descriptions of high-energy source populations in galaxies * Assessment of the evolutionary status of stellar populations, derived from the X-ray investigations * Discussion of the high-redshift context of the source populations Information on IAU Symposium number 230 is available via http://www.dunsink.dias.ie/IAUS230/index.html The Scientific Organizing Committee is composed of: E.J.A. Meurs (Ireland, Chair), G. Fabbiano (USA, Co-Chair), L. Bassani (Italy), B. McBreen (Ireland), H.-Y. Chu (USA), C. Done (UK), G. Hasinger (Germany), G. Koenigsberger (Mexico), K. Koyama (Japan), V. Lipunov (Russia), M.Mas-Hesse (Spain), Th. Montmerle (France), G. Romero (Argentina), Z. Wang (China). The Local Organizing Committee consists of: B. McBreen (Chair), C. del Burgo, C. Handley, L. Norci, C. Melody, C. Woods. The anticipated time timetable is: October 2004 : 1st Announcement 15 December 2004 : deadline for pre-registration January 2005 : 2nd Announcement April 2005 : Final Announcement 1 June 2005 : Registration Deadline 15 August 2005 : Symposium programme starts The purpose of the pre-registration is to gauge the interest in this Symposium, so as to assist SOC and LOC with their organization. The 2nd Announcement will contain the call for registration, information about hotel reservations, abstract submission, posters, proceedings, IAU travel grants, invited speakers and sponsorship. Please circulate this 1st Announcement in your Institute or University Department and to colleagues elsewhere that may be interested. We try to avoid this notice being sent more than once to you, but occasionally your e-mail address might occur in more than one of our mailing lists. With best regards, Evert Meurs and Pepi Fabbiano (SOC Co-Chairs) Brian McBreen (LOC Chair) This Electronic Bulletin is used for the dissemination of important announcements and information about the Chandra X-Ray Observatory to members of the community. If you wish to unsubscribe from the list, simply reply to this email to let us know.

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