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Chandra Electronic Announcement #2

"The High-Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: A Symposium of Chandra

Monday - Wednesday, 16-18 July 2001
St. Paul, Minnesota

WWW site:  www.aspsky.org/meetings/2001/science.html

The first symposium dedicated to results from the Chandra X-ray
Observatory will be held 16-18 July 2001 in St. Paul, Minnesota, as
part of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's 113th Annual Meeting.

The program of this international symposium will include all major
science areas covered by Chandra observations and will be highlighted
by numerous invited review talks by noted experts in each area.
Ample time has been included in the schedule for discussions of posters 
and participants' on-going research activities.

Scheduled Invited Review Talks:

Supernova Remnants and Pulsars: J. Hester (ASU), J. Hughes
    (Rutgers), U. Hwang (GSFC), L. Rudnick (U.Minn.)
Stars: M. Gagne (West Chester U.), J. Linsky (JILA/Colorado)
Solar System Objects and Comets: J. H. Waite (SWRI),
    C. Lisse (STScI)
X-Ray Binaries: S. Vrtilek (CfA), A. Parmar (ESA)
Cataclysmic Variables: S. Balman (METU)
Galaxies: M. Ward (U. of Leicester), A. Prestwich (CfA)
AGN: P. Nandra (GSFC), S. Mathur (Ohio State Univ)
Surveys: G. Hasinger (AIP), A. Hornschemeier (Penn State),
    C. Norman (STScI)
Clusters: B. McNamara (Ohio U.), M. Bautz (MIT)

REGISTER ONLINE: The meeting website, which includes the program,
registration, and abstract submission information, is

A link is also available via the Chandra Center website,


TRAVEL SUPPORT: Limited travel funds for a few graduate
students is available. To be considered, please provide
on registration form a statement justifying such support.

The ASP Science Symposium will be hosted by the Department of
Astronomy at the University of Minnesota and sponsored by
the ASP, the University, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory Center.

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