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Chandra Electronic Announcement #17
Beyond Einstein: From the Big Bang to Black Holes Stanford University 12-15 May 2004
Sponsored by NASA, DOE, SLAC and hosted by KIPAC
This meeting will focus on the NASA Beyond Einstein Program, with particular 
emphasis on recent results on Black Holes, Dark Energy, and the Early Universe.
 The science capabilities and implementation plans for the Constellation-X and
 LISA observatories will be reviewed. Possible implementation plans for 
Einstein Probe missions to survey Black Holes, study Dark Energy, and test 
theories for the Early Universe will be discussed.

The meeting will include both invited reviews and contributed papers. For more
information and registration please visit the web site:



R. Kolb (Chair) Fermilab
C. Baltay Yale University
R. Blandford SLAC
P. de Bernardis Rome
A. Fabian IOA Cambridge
K. Flanagan MIT
W. Freedman OCIW
G. Hasinger MPE
C. Hogan Washington
S. Kahn SLAC
C. Kouveliotou MSFC
S. Phinney Caltech
J. Siegrist LBNL
D. Spergel Princeton
S. Staggs Princeton
H. Tananbaum SAO
N. White GSFC


S. Kahn (Chair) SLAC
S. Church Stanford University
G. Madjeski SLAC

Preliminary Program

Wednesday May 12
- ----------------
Welcome Remarks (P. Drell, SLAC)

Keynote address (TBD)

The Beyond Einstein Program (A. Kinney, NASA Hq.)


Overview (TBD)
Strings, gravity beyond Einstein (TBD)
Cosmology and the CMB (W. Hu, Chicago)
WMAP (C. Bennett, Goddard)
Planck (J.-L. Puget, IAS)

Big-Bang Einstein Probes:
    Einstein Polarization Interferometer for Cosmology (P. Timbie, Wisconsin)
    Experimental Probe for Inflationary Cosmology (J. Bock, Caltech)
    EIP (G. Hinshaw, Goddard)

Thursday May 13
- ---------------
International Beyond Einstein: Europe (TBD)


The new physics of dark matter and dark energy (J. Lykken, FNAL)
Particle dark matter (M. Kamionkowski, Caltech)
Dark energy overview (R. Bean, Princeton)
Weak lensing and cluster counting (A. Refregier, CEA/Saclay)
SZ (A. Miller, Columbia)
Supernovae (W. Freedman, Carnegie)

Dark Energy Einstein Probes:
          SNAP (S. Perlmutter, LBNL)
          Destiny (J. Morse, Arizona State)
Other Space Opportunities:
          DUO (R. Griffiths, Carnegie Mellon)

Friday May 14
- -------------
International Beyond Einstein: Japan (T. Takahashi, Tokyo)


Overview and innerview of black holes (K. Thorne, Caltech)
Black hole astrophysics (C. Reynolds, Maryland)
The saga of Sag A* (F. Melia, Arizona)
LIGO (S. Finn, Penn State)
GLAST (P. Michelson, Stanford)
CON-X (N. White, Goddard)
LISA (T. Prince, Caltech)

Black Hole Einstein Probes:
          EXIST (J. Grindlay, CFA)
          CASTER (M. McConnell, New Hampshire)
Other Space Opportunities:
          NuSTAR (F. Harrison, Caltech)

Ground-based particle astrophysics (R. Ong, UCLA)

Saturday 15 May
- ---------------
Available for private mission team meetings at SLAC                           

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