RANKED FINALISTS from the 2006
Extragalactic Surveys Chandra Science Workshop

(observational, theoretical, or even programmatic)

  1. Generating and SHARING multi-wavelength images + catalogs for survey fields.

  2. All-sky hard X-ray surveys.

  3. Follow-up of obscured AGN detected in surveys other than X-ray.

  4. Deeper X-ray survey with Chandra (3Msec or more; Equatorial!).

  5. More and better photometric redshifts/cliassifications.

  6. Better AGN statistics in high-z otherwise

  7. A large area X-ray survey for galaxy clusters.

  8. Spitzer observations relevant to Chandra before cryogen runs out.

  9. Multiwavelength completeness corrections via models + simulations.

  10. Extend ultradeep surveys in areas with best NIR data for cluster and galaxy evolution

  11. X-ray Surveys that must be done before Spitzer dies/JWST flies?

  12. Development of multivariate luminosity functions.

  13. Followup of variability-selected objects from surveys.

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