Joint NRAO/Chandra Accepted Cycle 23 Targets & Abstracts

Proposal Number Subject Category PI Name Chandra Time Title
SN, SNR AND ISOLATED NS A. Ho 68.00ks VLA+Chandra Observations of Ic-BL Supernovae with ZTF High-Cadence Light Curves

Subject Category: SN, SNR AND ISOLATED NS
Proposal Number:
Title: VLA+Chandra Observations of Ic-BL Supernovae with ZTF High-Cadence Light Curves
PI Name: A. Ho
Abstract: Broad-lined Ic supernovae (Ic-BL) are a subclass of stripped-envelope core-collapse supernovae notable for their high energies, high velocities, and association with long-duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). After decades of followup efforts, it remains unknown why most Ic-BL SNe lack a detected GRB. Nearby (z<0.06) Ic-BL SNe associated with low-luminosity GRBs (LLGRBs) may represent the answer: LLGRB-SNe have been argued to be jets viewed off-axis, jets choked inside the stellar envelope or circumstellar material, or successful jets that are less powerful than classical GRBs. Here we propose a novel approach, based on the fact that nearby LLGRB-SNe exhibit an early (<1d) flash of optical light that can be routinely resolved by high-cadence optical surveys like the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF). We propose to obtain deep radio and X-ray observations of all Ic-BL SNe with high-cadence ZTF observations to search for relativistic ejecta. If the optical flash is related to the presence of relativistic ejecta, the intriguing implication is that the early peak arises from the same mechanism that produces the X-ray and radio emission, and that LLGRB-SNe might be recognizable from their optical light curves alone, removing the need for brute-force follow-up of Ic-BL SNe discovered in optical surveys.