Chandra X-Ray Observatory (CXC)

Cycle 19 Approved LP/VLP Proposals

Proposal  P.I.                     Type  App.Time  Title
19200511  Waldron                    LP    840.00  Legacy HETG Spectrum of a Massive Star: zeta Pup
19500247  Romani                    VLP    700.00  The Answer is Blowing in the Wind: Jet Sweepback in Three PWNe
19500590  Pavlov                     LP    420.00  The wagging jet and the X-ray plerion of PSR J1809-1917
19700183  Brandt                     LP    429.00  A Reliable X-ray View of the First Quasars
19700512  Reynolds                   LP    500.00  Chandra/HETG Observations of NGC1275
19700690  Maksym                     LP    450.00  NGC 3393: Resolving Feedback in the Narrow Line Region on 50-pc Scales
19800344  Russell                    LP    750.00  Fuelling and self-regulation of AGN feedback at the Bondi radius of M84
19800390  Russell                   VLP   2000.00  Shock structure, the electron-ion equilibration timescale and the disintegrating cool core in A2146
19800436  Bayliss                    LP    498.70  The Chandra Strong Lens Sample: Revealing Baryonic Physics In Strong Lensing Selected Clusters

10.9.3 Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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