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Protecting your Personal Information

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SAO has a commitment to protect the privacy of personal information kept in its records.

The Financial Management Department stores records in locked files in locked rooms separate from one another and on separate secure servers.

The Chandra Program Office does not retain personal data of its Reviewers beyond reimbursement, which is then shredded. All data received in the transmittal of data to the secured Chandra Program Office site is locked in a secured space in a secured room and passed to the Financial Management Department same day or within 3 days of receipt. Nothing received during normal business hours is left unattended.

In order to help us protect your personal identifiable information (PII), please return your W9, Institution Invitational Traveler Enrollment (IITE), Wire Transfer (if applicable) and Non-Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Agreement forms using the secure file upload link on your Reviewer Home Page.