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Summary of Major Updates to Cycle 22 CfP

Resource Costs: Section 4.3

Degradation of the thermal insulation of the Chandra spacecraft has resulted in significant restrictions in the durations of observations at various solar pitch angles. To produce a list of targets for which scheduling can be managed in the face of both thermal and user-imposed science constraints, a system for assessing the effective "resource cost" (RC) of each non-TOO observation has been devised. This RC is derived from both the position and any science constraint (see section 4.3 of the Cycle 22 Call for Proposals).

Science Constraints: Section 4.4.

High Ecliptic Latitude Targets: Section 4.5

Target of Opportunity Projects: Section 4.6

Summary of Minor Updates

Sections 9.1.1 and 9.1.2