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Press Releases from CXC in 2001

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PI Object Title

19 Dec 01

Jones NGC 4636 Hot Galactic Arms Point To Vicious Cycle
29 Nov 01 Dennerl Venus Chandra Captures Venus In A Whole New Light
21 Nov 01 Brickhouse 44i Bootes The Terrible Twos: What Might Happen If Our Sun Had A Twin
18 Oct 01 Pravdo HH objects in Orion X-ray Emissions Detected From Elusive Cosmic Objects
06 Sep 01 Arabadjis EMSS 1358+6245 Chandra Probes Nature of Dark Matter
06 Sep 01 Murray 3C58 Young Pulsar Reveals Clues to Supernova
06 Sep 01 Gaensler B1509-58 Chandra Examines a Quadrillion-Volt Pulsar
06 Sep 01 Starrfield Nova Aquilae Chandra Discovers Eruption and Pulsation
05 Sep 01 Baganoff Sgr A* Chandra Catches Milky Way Monster Snacking
09 Aug 01 Ebisawa Galactic Plane Astronomers Go Behind The Milky Way To Solve X-Ray Mystery
19 Jul 01 Wang NGC 4631 Chandra Detects Halo Of Hot Gas Around
06 Jun 01 Yousef-Zadeh Arches Cluster Star Factory Near Galactic Center Bathed In High-Energy X-Rays
05 Jun 01 Zezas NGC 253/ Chandra Sees Wealth Of Black Holes In
    Antennae/M82 Star-Forming Galaxies

29 May 01

Green Survey of 10 quasar A Quasar's Identity May Simply Be In The Eye Of The Beholder
17 May 01 Grindlay 47 Tuc Chandra Reveals Nest of Tight Binaries in Dense Cluster
14 May 01 Bauer Circinus Chandra Examines Black Holes Large and Small in Nearby Galaxy
07 May 01 McClintock XTE J1118+480 Chandra Pinpoints Edge Of Accretion Disk
  Garcia   Around Black Hole

04 Apr 01

Piro GRB010222 Gamma-ray Bursts May Originate in Star-Forming Regions
13 Mar 01 Giacconi Chandra Deep Field Deepest X-Rays Ever Reveal Universe
  Garmire   Teeming With Black Holes
15 Feb 01 Fabian 3C294 Chandra Finds Most Distant X-ray Galaxy Cluster
11 Jan 01 McClintock Survey of 12 Chandra Uncovers New Evidence For
  Garcia         X-ray Novae Event Horizons Surrounding Black Holes
10 Jan 01 Kaspi G11.2-0.3 Chandra Associates Pulsar and Historic Supernova
08 Jan 01 Chu NGC 6543 Chandra Reveals The X-Ray Glint In The Cat's Eye

- Megan Watzke and Kathy Lestition

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