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Chandra Help: Important Pointers

$\bullet$ HelpDesk: The main method for sending questions to the CXC is by using the HelpDesk facility. The HelpDesk form is reached from the link at the bottom of top page of the CXC web (i.e., at The information entered into the form is passed into our our Helpdesk Archive; we can more easily track the open and pending items with this tool. An introduction to the HelpDesk is also available from the HelpDesk form page. Questions can also be sent to the HelpDesk using email ( but we prefer submissions through the web.

$\bullet$ Observer Contacts: Observers are assigned CXC scientists to help them prepare for their observations (``Uplink Contacts") and to assist them with problems with the data (``Science Contacts"). These names, together with other information about the observations, are found either through the ``Science Contact and Uplink Support" link on our main page, or directly: