The Chandra Snapshot provides a quick look of critical spacecraft components in realtime.
Access There are Primary and Backup versions of the Snapshot. ** Refer to SOT Home for updated links. Additionally, the first generation snapshot exists for reference at: There are also text-only copies of all three versions: /pool14/chandra/chandra1.snapshot - primary /pool14/chandra/chandra2.snapshot - backup /pool14/chandra/chandra.snapshot - first generation
Sections (top to bottom) - Current (as of last contact if LOS) time, Radiation Environment, Altitude f_ace: past 2-hour ACE fluence F_CRM: CRM orbital fluence on ACIS - Current (as of last contact if LOS) spacecraft state - browser buttons for access to last ~3 days' snapshots - Current data - up-to-the-minute altitude and Radiation environment
Color Scheme (not applicable for first generation snapshot) Some state and limit checking is performed and indicated as follows: - white = unchecked - green = within limits/matches expected state - yellow = warning limit/suspicious state - red = limit violation/does not match expected state - blue = unchecked (for quantities that are usually checked, for instance RA, Dec, and Roll may not be checked in NMAN mode, and Ephin rates are not checked in the Rad zones) - purple = stale data (value is more than 15 minutes old, usually means quantity is unavailable in current telemetry format)
Violation Notification E-mail alerts/pages will be generated and distributed as follows:
Condition Recipients
SCS107 DISA sot_red_alert
FMT5 sot_red_alert

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