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HRC CCB Status Approved

OP03 Procedures op03:

HRC Higher-Level Sequences

Initial HRC-I MCP HV On


This procedure should be followed the first time the HRC-I MCP HV power supply is turned on during OAC. First, the stored command sequence that protects the HRC MCPs in the event of a high radiation environment (85) is enabled. Then, the three protected stored command sequences for the HRC-S MCP HV (SCS 88, 90, and 93) and for the HRC dither control (SCS 91) are each disabled as necessary. The HRC-I MCP HV ramp-up SCS (89) is disabled and the ramp-down SCS (87) is enabled. Finally, the HRC-I MCP HV turn-on SCS (92) is enabled and activated.


This procedure should not be executed until the the HRC detector housing door has been open for 24 hours.

Flow Diagram


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