Status Bit Correction

HRC event 0 files have "status" informaiton. In computing the stowed background, we set the mask to status=xxxxxx00xxxx0xxx00000000xx000000, but the mask can be different for each observer's need. Here is the table of bit entries.

Bit 1Ringing corrected, V-axis Bit 17Event in Bad Region
Bit 2Ringing corrected, U-axis Bit 18Tap total on U- or V-axis <= 0
Bit 3 - spare - Bit 19Bad CRSV (AV1 or AV3 > AV2)
Bit 4 - spare - Bit 20Bad CRSU (AU1 or AU2 > AU2)
Bit 5Shifted event time Bit 21PHA-ratio test failed
Bit 6Next-in-line mode telemetry Bit 22Sum of 6 taps = 0
Bit 7No-trigger, V-axis Bit 23Grid-ratio test failed
Bit 8No-trigger, U-axis Bit 24ADC sum on U- or V-axis = 0
Bit 9Center-blank, V-axis Bit 25PI > 255
Bit 10Center-blank, U-axis Bit 26Out of time-sequence
Bit 11Width exceeded, V-axis Bit 27Flatness test failed, V-axis
Bit 12Width exceeded, U-axis Bit 28Flatness test failed, U-axis
Bit 13Antico-shield active Bit 29Saturation test failed, V-axis
Bit 14- spare - Bit 30Saturation test failed, U-axis
Bit 15ULD exceeded Bit 31H-test failed, V-axis
Bit 16LLD not exceeded Bit 32H-test failed, U-axis