The solid boxes are the monitor detector data points. The open triangles are the BND data points. The uncertainty in the data is approximated by the size of the points. The y-axis is the net detector rate, normalized for anode emission current (counts/µC). The x-axis is the coded date of the cross calibration sets:
   1:    3-5 June 1997
   2:    6 June 1997
   3:    9 June 1997
   4:    12 June 1997

Note that several measurements were taken at C K on June 6 as a filter slide position test. Also, at some time on June 6, the polypropylene filter between the source and monitor detector,PL1-B, was discovered to be damaged and was replaced with PL1-C.

The graph on the right plots the ratios of the MD and BND data points, with error bars representing the poisson uncertainty in the data.