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Last modified: 15 June 2021


Scripts & Modules Package

The CIAO Scripts and Modules Package contains analysis scripts and Python modules written by scientists at the CXC; see the list of scripts and modules. The scripts and modules automate repetitive tasks and extend the functionality of the CIAO software package by filling specific analysis needs.

The Script Version History has a record of all changes made to the scripts package since the CIAO 4.13 release.

These scripts and modules are not official CIAO tools. The user is responsible for the validity of any scientific results obtained from the analysis. Known issues with the scripts and modules are included in the CIAO bug pages.

Software Requirements

The scripts package depends on the components of the "standard" CIAO software installation: tools, Sherpa, and the CALDB. If you have installed a customized version of CIAO, it is possible that some of the scripts and modules will fail due to a missing package.


The scripts package can be installed and updated with either conda or the ciao-install script, or manually added to your CIAO installation (which should only be done for ciao-install installations).


The conda tool can be used to update the package. First we check what will get updated

unix% conda update --no-update-deps -c ciao-contrib --dry-run

and then we can apply these changes with

unix% conda update --no-update-deps -c ciao-contrib

Run the installation script from the command line:

unix% bash /<path>/ciao-install

If the scripts package is not installed or there is a newer version, the CIAO installation is updated.


To manually update the CIAO installation, download the current tarfile:

Last Updated: 11 June 2021

The scripts package should be unpacked from the directory which contains the root on the CIAO installation. For instance, if CIAO is installed in /soft/ciao-4.13/, the scripts package should be unpacked in /soft.

Keeping the installation current

A VERSION.CIAO_scripts file is included in the scripts package and is updated in each scripts package release. This allows you to check if you are working with the most recent script release:

unix% cat $ASCDS_CONTRIB/VERSION.CIAO_scripts 
scripts 4.13.2 Friday, June 11, 2021

The check_ciao_version script will also tell you if the scripts package should be updated. The exact output depends on whether you have a conda or ciao-install installation; the following is from a ciao-install installation.

unix% check_ciao_version
Using the CIAO installation at /soft/ciao-4.13

The following package:
    contrib   :  scripts 4.13.1 Thursday, March 18, 2021
needs updating to:
    contrib   :  scripts 4.13.2 Friday, June 11, 2021

The CALDB installation at /soft/ciao-4.13/CALDB (link to
/data/CALDB/ciao) is up to date.

Please use the ciao-install script from
to update your CIAO installation.

The Script Version History has a record of all changes made to the scripts package since the CIAO 4.13 release.