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Last modified: 17 December 2019


Download CALDB 4.9.0

Latest Update: 17 December 2019

Installation notes

This page is only needed for manual installs, since the ciao-install script can be used to upgrade CALDB or add new packages (the ACIS and HRC background files).

CIAO 4.12 is required for the use of CALDB 4.9.0. Users of earlier versions of CIAO may use CALDB 4.8.5 or earlier.

CIAO 4.11 and earlier users analyzing ACIS data should NOT upgrade to CALDB 4.9.0. While the new format of the temperature dependent CTI correction calibration files can be read by earlier versions CIAO, the higher order coefficients are not included. The new columns are ignored resulting in an inaccurate temperature adjustment being applied.

CIAO 4.12 HRC users must update to CALDB 4.9.0 due to the changes in the degap file. Similarly, CALDB 4.9.0 should not be used with earlier versions of CIAO. In both cases doing so will trigger an earlier degap algorithm that performs badly at the edges of the plates.

The CALDB contains all the calibration files required for Chandra data analysis. The CALDB can be downloaded, installed, and upgraded with the ciao-install script.

For more information on the CALDB, visit the CALDB website. Details on this release in particular are available from the CALDB 4.9.0 Release Notes.

CALDB 4.9.0 Full

This is the latest full installation of the CALDB.

Contents File Size
Full Release caldb_4.9.0_main.tar.gz 3.28 GB; 8.07 GB unzipped
ACIS background event files acis_bkgrnd_4.7.6.tar.gz 1.29 GB; 2.87 GB unzipped
HRC background event files hrc_bkgrnd_4.7.7.tar.gz 2.16 GB; 3.17 GB unzipped
README file README_caldb4.9.0.txt  
Manifest file MANIFEST_4.9.0_main.txt 110 KB