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Contact Scientists - Update

With the availability of substantial software analysis capability in CIAO 3.0 and above, and with the various threads and documentation which have been provided, the need for contact scientists assigned by the CXC to help individual observers with data analysis problems is less urgent. Instead, we rely on the Help Desk as the primary source of assistance to Chandra observers. The regular scheduling of workshops to familiarize users with CIAO and the existence of the Chandra-Users email group provide additional assistance for observers.

We will assign contact scientists to any observers who indicate that they require extra assistance beyond the support specified above. To request a contact scientist please send a request through the helpdesk specifying the type of analysis you are attempting and the reason you need a contact.


We encourage that observers request contact scientists only if they experience unanticipated difficulties in using the CIAO software, the threads, the Help Desk, etc. When required, we also will provide instrument expertise to assist observers.

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