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Chandra Calibration Workshop 2002

Participants Proceedings

Centaurus Galaxy Cluster The Chandra Calibration Workshop (CCW) was held at the Chandra X-ray Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, on November 6-7, 2002.

The workshop was for the diffusion and advancement of our understanding of the performance and capabilities of the Chandra satellite. It was intended to not only advise the community of the state of the art of the Chandra teams knowledge of the detectors and mirrors, but also to encourage the general community to participate in the process of calibrating the satellite.

Crab Nebula
X-Ray Mosaic Of Galactic Center


Chandra Calibration Review Sponsors

Chandra Calibration Review was supported by the generosity of the following organizations:.

Local Organizing Committee

The local organizing committee for the conference consisted of:

Inquiries for further information should be directed to:
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