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Proceedings of the 2003 Chandra Calibration Workshop

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Sessions on Monday, October 27:Sessions on Tuesday, October 28:
Session I: Imaging Session III: Photometry
Session II: Special Topics: ACIS Bakeout Session IV: Dispersed Spectroscopy

Poster Papers

Click on the title to view the presentation or "Abstract" to view the abstract.


Session I: Imaging

Chair: Tananbaum
1 Calibration of Chandra's Near On-axis PSFAbstract Jerius
2 Calibration Issues for X-Ray Dust HalosAbstract Smith
3 Calibrating the Wings of the Chandra PSFAbstract Gaetz
4 Amplifier Mis-match as a Possible Source of HRC Event Position DistortionsAbstract Juda
5 Where is the Source? Continuing Efforts to Improve Astrometric Accuracy Abstract Aldcroft
6 A Parametrization of the Chandra Point Spread Function Abstract Allen
7 Highlights of ACIS Cluster Science Markevitch

Session II: Special Topics: ACIS Bakeout

Chair: Smith
8 Time Dependence of the ACIS ContaminationAbstract Grant
9 Spatial Distribution of the Contaminant on the ACIS CameraAbstract Schulz
10 Composition of the Chandra ACIS ContaminantAbstract Marshall
11 ACIS-S Contamination and Modeling of the X-ray Absorption in High Redshift QuasarsAbstract Siemiginowska
12 Calibration Plan for ACIS Bakeout Abstract David
13 Prospects for an ACIS Bakeout Abstract Plucinsky


Session III: Photometry

Chair: Primini
14 Chandra X-ray Observatory Mirror Effective AreaAbstract Zhao
15 Effective Area of the HRMA Near the Ir M-V Edge at 2.1 keV Abstract Marshall
16 ACIS Cosmic Ray Induced QE Decrement Abstract Butt
17 Absolute ACIS Quantum Efficiency Abstract Edgar
18 ACIS Background Abstract Markevitch
19 Time-dependent Gain for ACIS Abstract Edgar
20 A New Paradigm for the Generation of ACIS Response Matrices Abstract Edgar

Session IV: Dispersed Spectroscopy

Chair: Jones
21 Highlights of Chandra Grating Science Brickhouse
22 HETG Observations of Sco X-1Abstract Schulz
23 Chandra LETG Diffraction Efficiencies Abstract Wargelin
24 Degap Corrections for HRC-S Grating Observations Abstract Kashyap
25 The Dispersion Relation of the LETGS and the Accuracy of Chandra Velocity Studies Abstract Drake
26 Status of the XMM-Newton Calibration AbstractKirsch
27 Are Simultaneous Observations by XMM-Newton and Chanrda a Luxury or a Necessity? Abstract Pollock
28 Overview of Chandra Calibration Abstract David


29 ACIS CC Mode Observations: New Bias and Split Threshold Parameters and Comparisons to TE Data Abstract Adams-Wolk
30 Measurement of Telescope Vignetting with SNR G21.5-0.9 Abstract Beckerman
31 Characterizing Non-linearities in the Chandra LETG+HRC-S Dispersion Relation Abstract Chung
32 Clock Correlation Contribution to Chandra Timing Accuracy Abstract Davis
33 Verifying the ACIS Contamination Model with 1E0102.2-7219 Abstract DePasquale
34 On the Uncertainties in the Line Spread Function of the HETG Abstract Ishibashi
35 Gain Evolution in the HRC-S: Implications for Spectroscopy and Imaging Abstract Pease
36 Gain Evolution in the HRC-I Abstract Posson-Brown
37 An Update to the HRC-I MCP Quantum Efficiency ModelAbstract Posson-Brown
38 Characterizing the S3 Low Energy Response with the SMC SNR 1E0102-72.3AbstractRaley
39 Astronomical Calibration of the Chandra ClockAbstractRots
40 Effects of the ACIS-S Contamination in the Chandra Data of Ton S180AbstractRozanska
41 Improving the ACIS-S3 Spectral Resolution via a Grade-Dependent CorrectionAbstractVirani
42 LETGS: A look at the plus and minus ordersWeisskopf
43 Background Variabiliy in the Chandra High Resolution CameraAbstractWilton

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