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Chandra Calibration Review Presentations Tagged with "HETG"

Reference Presenter Title
2009.21NorbertSchulzHigh Energy Transmission Grating Spectra in Continuous Clocking Mode
2007.22MarcusKirschXMM-Newton: ready for the next decade
2005.20LaurenceDavidOverview of Chandra Calibration
2005.11KazunoriIshibashiMeasuring the Accuracy of Chandra/HETGS Wavelength Scale with Capella Data
2005.6MarcusKirschXMM-Newton EPIC calibration and health status 2005
2005.19HermanMarshallRecent Improvements to the HETGS Effective Area Calibration
2004.3JeremyDrakeInvestigating the Chandra Transmission Grating Spectrometer Line Response Functions
2004.5HermanMarshallOverview of the HETGS Calibration
2004.6NorbertSchulzConstraints on higher orders using Sco X-1
2003.21NancyBrickhouseHighlights of Chandra Grating Science
2003.22NorbertSchulzHETG Observations of Sco X-1
2002.34DavidHuenemoerderGrating Spectral Order Sorting with the ACIS CCDs
2002.39HermanMarshallChandra/XMM Cross Calibration
2002.33HermanMarshallUpdates to the HETGS Effective Area
2002.18HermanMarshallVerifying the ACIS QE Uniformity using the HETGS
2002.32Jan-UweNessComparison of the gratings when measuring the NeIX triplet at 13.5 A
2002.35NorbertSchulzOn the use of HETGS higher order spectra for science analysis

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