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Chandra Calibration Review Presentations Tagged with "XMM"

Reference Presenter Title
2009.23LaurenceDavidA Comparison of Cluster Temperatures Derived from Chandra and XMM-Newton
2009.6En-HsinPengAn edge-like feature in high signal-to-noise ratio spectra of galaxy clusters
2009.8PaulPlucinskyUsing 1E0102.2-7219 and G21.5-0.9 to Cross-calibrate Chandra, XMM, Swift & Suzaku
2007.19MaxBonamenteSoft and hard x-ray excess emission in Abell 3112 observed with Chandra
2007.23LaurenceDavidChandra / XMM-Newton cross calibration with clusters of galaxies
2007.22MarcusKirschXMM-Newton: ready for the next decade
2005.18JosephDePasqualeCross Calibration of the Chandra/ACIS and XMM/EPIC low energy response using 1E0102-723
2005.6MarcusKirschXMM-Newton EPIC calibration and health status 2005
2005.32AndyPollockCalibration Uncertainties Status
2005.7AndyPollockThe XMM-Newton RGS Effective Area
2005.24SteveSnowdenSWCX - A Background You Don't Want To, But Ought To Know About
2004.23MaxBonamenteChandra/XMM cross-calibration: Temperatures and soft X-ray fluxes of four galaxy clusters with ACIS-S/EPIC
2004.22VinayKashyapChandra and Newton: Common Low-Energy Grating Observations
2004.24MarcusKirschXMM-Newton (cross) calibration
2003.26MarcusKirschStatus of the XMM-Newton Calibration
2003.27AndyPollockAre Simultaneous Observations by XMM-Newton and Chandra a Luxury or a Necessity?
2002.39HermanMarshallChandra/XMM Cross Calibration
2002.32Jan-UweNessComparison of the gratings when measuring the NeIX triplet at 13.5 A

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