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Chandra Calibration Review Presentations Tagged with "contamination"

Reference Presenter Title
2009.22CatherineGrantACIS after ten years: Detector performance then, now, and into the next decade
2009.18HermanMarshallUpdating the Chandra ACIS Contamination Model
2007.12GordonGarmireSome Thoughts on the Buildup of Material on the ACIS Filter
2007.22MarcusKirschXMM-Newton: ready for the next decade
2007.7HermanMarshallUpdating the ACIS Contaminant Model
2005.14CatherineGrantEvolution of ACIS Performance
2005.1DiabJeriusImprovements to the HRMA Effective Area
2005.6MarcusKirschXMM-Newton EPIC calibration and health status 2005
2005.13PaulPlucinskyStatus of the ACIS Bakeout
2004.12HermanMarshallDiagnosing the ACIS Contaminant using Grating Observations
2004.14PaulPlucinskyProspects for an ACIS Bakeout
2004.13AlexeyVikhlininSpatial structure of the ACIS contamination from the ECS analysis
2003.33JosephDePasqualeVerifying the ACIS Contamination Model with 1E0102.2-7219
2003.8CatherineGrantTime Dependence of the ACIS Contamination
2003.10HermanMarshallComposition of the Chandra ACIS Contaminant
2003.13PaulPlucinskyProspects for an ACIS Bakeout
2003.40AgataRozanskaEffects of the ACIS-S Contamination in the Chandra Data of Ton S180
2003.9NorbertSchulzSpatial Distribution of the Contaminant on the ACIS Camera
2003.11AnetaSiemiginowskaACIS-S Contamination and Modeling of the X-ray Absorption in High Redshift Quasars
2002.17GeorgeChartasInterpreting ACIS Observations in Light of Recent Calibration Issues
2002.16PaulPlucinskyThe Decrease in the ACIS Low-Energy Sensitivity

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