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Chandra Calibration Review Presentations Tagged with "CXC"

Reference Presenter Title
2007.23LaurenceDavidChandra / XMM-Newton cross calibration with clusters of galaxies
2007.16JosephDePasqualeEvaluating the Effectiveness of the ACIS Superbias
2007.1JeremyDrakeMonte Carlo methods for including correlated systematic calibration uncertainties in astrophysical analysis: Chandra ACIS
2007.18RichardEdgarCharacterization and Correction of ACIS CTI in the Continuous Clocking Mode
2007.20TerranceGaetzPileup and the ACIS/HRMA Point Spread Function
2007.5TakashiIsobeHigh Resolution Camera Stowed Background Study
2007.24DiabJeriusRay-tracing the Chandra PSF: Try this at home!
2007.6MichaelJudaUpdated HRC-I Degapping Correction
2007.2VinayKashyapIncorporating Effective Area Uncertainties into Spectral Fitting
2007.8MichaelMcColloughThe Development and Use of a Background Map for the Chandra Source Catalog
2007.3JenniferPosson-BrownHRC-I Gain Correction
2007.9JenniferPosson-BrownVerifying the HRC-I QE and QEU
2007.14JenniferPosson-BrownTesting the Graded Mode CTI Correction
2007.13AlexeyVikhlininApproximate CTI correction for ACIS graded mode data
2007.11BradWargelinImproved and Time-Dependent HRC-S Gain Map
2007.21PingZhaoChandra Telescope Optical Axis and Aimpoint
2005.34EliBeckermanError Analysis of HRC-I ECF Regions Applied to ACIS Data
2005.20LaurenceDavidOverview of Chandra Calibration
2005.9JeremyDrakeThe Status of the Low Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer Calibration
2005.15RichardEdgarWhat's new in ACIS calibration
2005.3TerranceGaetzPileup and the ACIS/HRMA Point Spread Function
2005.1DiabJeriusImprovements to the HRMA Effective Area
2005.8MichaelJudaAn Improved HRC-I Degapping Correction
2005.22MargaritaKarovskaChandra PSF and High-Angular Resolution Imaging
2005.12VinayKashyapSpectral Response of the HRC-I
2005.10VinayKashyapHRC-S/LETG: Degap and Wavelength Corrections
2005.4JonathanMcDowellWhat Shape is the Telescope In?
2005.2DeronPeaseA Study of the Chandra/ACIS PSF using Actual Data
2005.13PaulPlucinskyStatus of the ACIS Bakeout
2005.37JenniferPosson-BrownMonitoring the Optical/UV Transmission of the HRC with Betelgeuse
2005.38CharlesWiltonThe HRC-I Gain Map
2005.5PingZhaoChandra Telescope Optical Axis and Aimpoint
2004.26EliBeckermanA measurement of the HRMA vignetting with Abell 1795
2004.27Sun MiChungCharacterizing Non-linearities in the Chandra LETG+HRC-S Dispersion Relation
2004.20HankDonnellyOverview of HRC Performance
2004.3JeremyDrakeInvestigating the Chandra Transmission Grating Spectrometer Line Response Functions
2004.8RichardEdgarBack-Illuminated ACIS QE: Revised
2004.18TerranceGaetzThe HRMA User's Guide
2004.16DaleGraessleRevisiting Iridium Optical Constants and the Chandra HRMA Effective Area
2004.15DiabJeriusEmpirical Corrections to the HRMA Ir M Edge Discrepancy
2004.22VinayKashyapChandra and Newton: Common Low-Energy Grating Observations
2004.28VinayKashyapChandra HRC-S Degapping Corrections from Flight and Lab Data
2004.7MaximMarkevitchStatus of the ACIS Background
2004.2DeronPeaseImprovements to the HRC-S QE uniformity and LETGS effective area
2004.14PaulPlucinskyProspects for an ACIS Bakeout
2004.30FrankPriminiA DS9-based Interface to HRMA Enclosed Count Fractions Files
2004.19DanSchwartzChandra Observations of Kiloparsec-Scale Jets
2004.31BradleySpitzbartChandra Automated Point Source Processing for Calibration Monitoring
2004.32BrettUnksThe AXAF Guide/Aspect Star Catalog (AGASC) Version 1.6
2004.9AlexeyVikhlininImproved high spatial resolution calibration of ACIS QEU
2004.13AlexeyVikhlininSpatial structure of the ACIS contamination from the ECS analysis
2004.4SaeqaVrtilekThe Chandra View of X-ray Binaries
2004.1BradWargelinLETG Higher Order Diffraction Efficiency Final Results
2004.17PingZhaoChandra Telescope Optical Axis
2003.29NancyAdams-WolkACIS CC Mode Observations: New Bias and Split Threshold Parameters and Comparisons to TE Data
2003.5TomAldcroftWhere is the Source? Continuing Efforts to Improve Astrometric Accuracy
2003.6ChristopherAllenA Parametrization of the Chandra Point Spread Function
2003.30EliBeckermanMeasurement of Telescope Vignetting with SNR G21.5-0.9
2003.21NancyBrickhouseHighlights of Chandra Grating Science
2003.16YousafButtACIS Cosmic Ray Induced QE Decrement
2003.31Sun MiChungCharacterizing Non-linearities in the Chandra LETG+HRC-S Dispersion Relation
2003.33JosephDePasqualeVerifying the ACIS Contamination Model with 1E0102.2-7219
2003.25JeremyDrakeThe Dispersion Relation of the LETGS and the Accuracy of Chandra Velocity Studies
2003.19RichardEdgarTime-dependent Gain for ACIS
2003.17RichardEdgarAbsolute ACIS Quantum Efficiency
2003.20RichardEdgarA New Paradigm for the Generation of ACIS Response Matrices
2003.3TerranceGaetzCalibrating the Wings of the Chandra PSF
2003.1DiabJeriusCalibration of Chandra's Near On-axis PSF
2003.4MichaelJudaAmplifier Mis-match as a Possible Source of HRC Event Position Distortions
2003.24VinayKashyapDegap Corrections for HRC-S Grating Observations
2003.18MaximMarkevitchACIS Background
2003.7MaximMarkevitchHighlights of ACIS Cluster Science
2003.13PaulPlucinskyProspects for an ACIS Bakeout
2003.36JenniferPosson-BrownGain Evolution in the HRC-I
2003.37JenniferPosson-BrownAn Update to the HRC-I MCP Quantum Efficiency Model
2003.38MichaelRaleyCharacterizing the S3 Low Energy Response with the SMC SNR 1E0102-72.3
2003.39ArnoldRotsAstronomical Calibration of the Chandra Clock
2003.11AnetaSiemiginowskaACIS-S Contamination and Modeling of the X-ray Absorption in High Redshift Quasars
2003.2RandallSmithCalibration Issues for X-Ray Dust Halos
2003.41ShanilViraniImproving the ACIS-S3 Spectral Resolution via a Grade-Dependent Correction
2003.23BradWargelinChandra LETG Diffraction Efficiencies
2003.43CharlesWiltonBackground Variabiliy in the Chandra High Resolution Camera
2003.14PingZhaoChandra X-ray Observatory Mirror Effective Area
2002.5TomAldcroftChandra Aspect Performance
2002.44ChristopherAllenThe Chandra Off-Axis Point Spread Function
2002.37GlennAllenComputation of Times for Arrival of CC Mode Events
2002.21MarkBautzACIS Science and Calibration
2002.45EliBeckermanModelling Chandra: Positional Accuracy of Mirror and Detector Models
2002.40LaurenceDavidOverview of Chandra Calibration
2002.29JohnDavisExploring the Limits of the ACIS Pile-up Model
2002.12HankDonnellyLow Energy Uniformity in the Quantum Efficiency of the HRC-I
2002.30JeremyDrakeCalibration and Science Requirements for the LETG
2002.25RichardEdgarACIS Response
2002.3TerranceGaetzWings of the Chandra PSF
2002.1DiabJeriusOverview of CHANDRA Optics
2002.4DiabJeriusParametrization of the PSF
2002.2DiabJeriusCalibrating the PSF: Comparisons of Models to Data
2002.15MichaelJudaCharacteristics of the HRC Background
2002.13MichaelJudaHRC-S Event Double-Counting and Deadtime Correction
2002.9VinayKashyapImaging Characteristics Affecting the LETGS
2002.33HermanMarshallUpdates to the HETGS Effective Area
2002.18HermanMarshallVerifying the ACIS QE Uniformity using the HETGS
2002.6SteveMurrayHRC Science and Calibration
2002.48DeronPeaseIn-flight calibration of the C edge fine-structure in the HRC UV/ion shield transmission models
2002.49DeronPeaseIn-flight effective area calibration of the Chandra low energy transmission grating spectrometer
2002.42JenniferPosson-BrownNew Flight Model of the HRC-I MCP Quantum Efficiency
2002.36ArnoldRotsAbsolute Time Calibration
2002.35NorbertSchulzOn the use of HETGS higher order spectra for science analysis
2002.28DanSchwartzFuture ACIS Calibration Work
2002.26AlexeyVikhlininACIS Spectral Response
2002.31BradWargelinLETG Higher Order Diffraction Efficiencies
2002.11BradWargelinHRC-I and HRMA Calibration Using RXJ1856.5-3754
2002.41CharlesWiltonEffects of HRC status bit filtering
2002.38ScottWolkSpace Craft Stability
2002.20ScottWolkACIS Optical Sensitivity

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