HRC status bits
and bits selected for standard event filtering
1U-axis ringing corrected  
2V-axis ringing corrected  
5Shifted event time  
6Event from Next in Line Mode  
7No Trigger (V axis)
8No Trigger (U axis)
9Outside of defined range (V axis)   
10Outside of defined range (U axis)   
11Width (V axis)   
12Width (U axis)   
13Antico Shield Active
15Above ULD   
16Below LLD   
17Event in Bad Region
18Amplifier Sum <= 0 (either axis)
19Bad V Center (AV1 or AV3 > AV2)
20Bad U Center (AU1 or AU3 > AU2)
21PHA/Amplifier Sum Ratio Test failed  
22PHA = 0 (either axis)
23Ratio of V to U Amplifiers
24Amplifier Sum
25PI > 255   
26Time Tag Out of Sequence
27Flatness Test failed (V axis)
28Flatness Test failed (U axis)
29Saturation Test failed (V axis)
30Saturation Test failed (U axis)
31H-test failed (V axis)  
32H-test failed (U axis)