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Chandra Aspect

Absolute astrometry
Current absolute astrometric accuracy
High-precision astrometry and image reconstruction with Chandra
Plate scale and relative chip (plate) positions (see also Calibration Status: Relative Spatial Positions)
General aspect help / information
Proposers Observatory Guide: Aspect chapter
ACIS pile-up mimicking bad aspect
Image reconstruction performance
Aspect roll accuracy
CXC aspect processing caveats
Observations affected by temporal aspect drift
2003 An Overview of the Performance of the Chandra X-ray Observatory PDF ADS
20-Jun-02 Stellar Photometry using the Chandra Aspect Camera (AAS poster) Postscript
15-Nov-00 Kalman filtering in Chandra Aspect Determination (ADASS Poster) Postscript PDF Poster
27-Mar-00 Initial performance of the aspect system on the Chandra Observatory: Post-facto aspect reconstruction Postscript PDF
27-Mar-00 Initial performance of the attitude control and aspect determination sub-systems on the Chandra Observatory Postscript PDF
Aspect Citation: The preferred citation for aspect performance is An Overview of the Performance of the Chandra X-ray Observatory (Weisskopf et al. 2003)

Technical notes and Talks
Chandra Calibration Workshop: Absolute astrometry (2003-Oct)
Chandra Calibration Workshop: Aspect viewgraphs (2002-Nov)
Chandra Calibration Review: Aspect (2001-Oct)
CXC internal aspect page


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