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Chandra Electronic Bulletin No. 30
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Chandra      |             CC     XX XX    OO OO          | CXC
Electronic   |            CC       XXX    OO   OO         | Number 30
Bulletin     |             CC     XX XX    OO OO          | August
             |              CCC  XX   XX    OOO           | 2004
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Welcome to the Chandra X-ray Center's Electronic News Bulletin Number 30.

CXC Web site: cxc.harvard.edu

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1. Topics for a Chandra Science Workshop Summer 2005 
2. CALDB 2.28 Released - 11 August 2004
3. Chandra Fellowship Competition

4. Chandra Fellows Symposium


Item 1.  Topics for a Chandra Science Workshop Summer 2005 

The CXC is organizing Chandra Science Workshops on topics of interest
to Chandra observers and theorists alike.  Workshop goals are to
optimize Chandra science productivity by   
    * identifying science areas ripe for progress
    * identifying the most pressing scientific questions 
    * debating good Chandra strategies to answer them

We are soliciting ideas for such a workshop around late July
2005. At the moment, no obvious meeting conflicts are apparent for
that time period, but before making a suggestion, you may wish to
check the current list of International Astronomy Meetings at 

The scope of a suggested workshop topic should be likely to generate between
50-100 attendees.  Chandra Science Workshops aim at 2-3 days duration,
have no registration fees, but also provide no travel reimbursement.  
As an example, this July 2004, we hosted a workshop entitled
at the Sheraton Commander Hotel here in Cambridge.  Nearly 100
people attended and there were many excellent presentations, a lot of
useful discussion, and some lively debate.  To see the program, access

If you suggest a Workshop topic, please feel free to suggest some
likely members of a Scientific Organizing Committee as well.
We especially encourage participation of theorists.  Thanks for your

Incidentally, note that we also plan as usual a broader biennial
symposium which will celebrate Six Years of Chandra Observations in
the Fall of 2005.  

Best Regards,
Paul Green
for the Chandra Director's Office


Item 2.  CALDB 2.28 Released - 11 August 2004

++ The CalDB version 2.28 is now available to download from


CalDB 2.28 contains the following:

	- ACIS QE and -120C QEU upgrades, which fix the discrepancy
		that has existed between ACIS-S3 and ACIS-I3 measured
		source fluxes. 

	- LETG/ACIS-S +/-1st order LSF parameters for the RAND_TG=0.0 case.

	- Modified LETG Grating efficiencies for higher orders
		specifically 2,4,5,6,7.

	Full release notes are available at

++ Everything is also on the European mirror site at:

 As always please send questions to the CXC HELPDESK

- Dale Graessle, Chandra CalDB Manager


Item 3.  Chandra Fellowship Competition

The Chandra X-Ray Center (CXC), is pleased to announce the eighth competition 
for the Chandra Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, in cooperation with  host
institutions throughout the United States. The primary objective of the
Program is to provide opportunities for postdoctoral research on problems
that are broadly related to the scientific mission of the Chandra X-ray 
Observatory and compatible with the interests of the Host Institutions. This 
program is open to applicants of any nationality who  earn doctoral degrees 
between  January 1, 2002 and September 1, 2005 in astronomy,
physics, or related disciplines. The Fellowships are tenable at any U.S.
institution where Chandra-related research can be carried out.

The Fellowship is initially for two years, with the expectation of a
third year, contingent upon performance and available funding. Subject
to the availability of NASA funding, up to 5  Chandra Fellows will be
appointed this year, through grants to United States institutions.  

The Call for Proposals, which includes detailed Program policies,
application instructions, and forms,  is available on the
World Wide Web at http://cxc.harvard.edu/fellows/Chandra_fellow.2005.html.
Alternatively, the same information may be obtained upon request to the 
address below. An application includes a cover form, 
a research proposal, letters of reference,  a curriculum vitae, and 
other relevant materials as detailed in the instructions. Applications
should be sent to the attention of Chandra Fellowship Program Office
at the address below.

The application deadline is 4 November 2004. The Chandra Fellow
appointments are expected to begin on or about 1 September 2005. Women and
members of minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Chandra X-Ray Center 
60 Garden St. 
MS 4 
Cambridge, MA 02138

E-mail:  fellows@head-cfa.harvard.edu

WWW:  http://cxc.harvard.edu/fellows/Chandra_fellow.2005.html

Nancy Remage Evans


Item 4.  Chandra Fellows Symposium

                  Oct. 13, 2004

    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

We welcome people interested in hearing what the Chandra 
Fellows have been doing.  

Further information about the Symposium and the program
(as it becomes available) can be found here:


Nancy Remage Evans

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