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Chandra Electronic Announcement #1
The Chandra X-ray Center (CXC) has release version 2.0.1 of CIAO 
("Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations").


To avoid potential problems at CIAO user sites a cleanup function used
to remove intermediate /tmp files was replaced with a more conservative 
mechanism.  While to date no issues with the original code have been 
reported in the extended Chandra science community, we nonetheless strongly 
recommend upgrading your CIAO installation with this patch to avoid 
the possibility of accidental file removal.

The patch has been added to the default CIAO installation (now labeled 
CIAO 2.0.1) and is also available as a patch release for those who have 
already downloaded CIAO 2.0.

          See the CIAO download page for instructions:

CIAO 2.01 patch release notes:
  CHIPS - Replaced a cleanup function call used to remove intermediate /tmp 
          files with a more conservative mechanism.   Also removed the cleanup 
          function itself, to avoid potential of calling it with an incorrect

  TGDETECT - Fixed an issue with the parameter interface pquery task in
        CIAO that caused tgdetect to hang.  Replaced the CIAO "pquery"
        with the SAORD version of "pquery" in the OTS directory.

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