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Resolved Jet Structures

Dan Schwartz, SAO

The half arcsecond resolution of the Chandra X-ray observatory has enabled an entire field of study: X-ray jets.The very first target of the Chandra observatory, intended for use in focusing the telescope, surprisingly revealed a rich jet structure on a scale of ten arcsec. X-ray jets are seen in a wide variety of astronomical systems, including stars, neutron star pulsars, black hole binaries, radio galaxies spanning the full range of radio power, and quasars. Especially notable are radio sources in clusters of galaxies, whose jets reverse the cooling flows of the hot intracluster gas, and quasars, whose jets maintain relativistic velocities up to a Mpc away from the quasar core. The latter offer the intriguing possibility of revealing the most distant supermassive black holes via the interaction of the jet with the cosmic microwave background.