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Chandra observations of AGN Outbursts in "normal" Early-type Galaxies

Christine Jones, SAO
W. Forman (SAO), E. Churazov (MAP,IKI), R. Kraft (SAO), P. Nulsen (SAO), D. Lal (SAO), S. Murray (SAO)

Most galaxies harbor a supermassive black hole at their center. At high redshifts, these galaxies experienced a very active phase, when these black holes produced enormous amounts of energy, likely fueled through galaxy mergers. Today, some of these supermassive black holes still undergo occasional outbursts that are seen through spectacular jets, cavities and buoyant bubbles and shocks in the surrounding X-ray gas. This paper describes Chandra results for a sample of ~200 galaxies for which we measure the X-ray properties, including the X-ray emission from the supermassive black hole at the nucleus, as well as emission from the diffuse gas, stars and LMXB's. We compare the X-ray and radio emission from the nucleus to the kinetic power of the outbursts as measured from the X-ray cavities found in the diffuse gas.