[AGN, Quasars, Black Holes -- Oral ]

Exploring the kingdom of an AGN: Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of Mrk279

Elisa Costantini, SRON, Netherland Institute for Space Research
J. Kaastra (SRON), N. Arav (Virginia Tech), J. Kriss (STSci), J. Ebrero (SRON)

The X-ray emission and absorption spectrum of AGN carry the signature of different regions of the black hole environment. Here we present a detailed analysis of long XMM-Newton and Chandra observations of Mrk279.The spectrum displays absorption by ionized gas and a variety of emission lines. In particular, broad emission structures are seen around OVIII Ly-alpha and OVII triplet as well as around the iron K-alpha line. Using simultaneous HST and FUSE line-measurement, we successfully explain the oxygen features as arising from a Broad Line Region. For the first time we also quantified, by mean of the LOC (Locally Optimally emitting Cloud) model, widely used to model the optical/UV lines of the BLR, the modest contribution of the BLR to the ironK-alpha line, which shows a complex structure in the XMM-Newton spectrum.