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AGN on the color-magnitude diagram: Results from a Deep Medium Band Survey with the Subaru Telescope in the MUSYC-ECDFS Region

Carolin Cardamone, Yale University
Urry, C. Megan (Yale), van Dokkum, P. (Yale), Schawinski, Kevin (Yale), Gawiser, E. (Rutgers), Brammer, G. (Yale), Taylor, N. (leiden), Treister, E. (Hawaii), Taniguchi, Y. (Ehime University), Virani, S. (Yale)

We investigate the host galaxy colors of X-ray detected AGN in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South.We have conducted deep medium-band imaging with the Subaru telescope, in 18 filters from 427 nm to 856 nm, of the MUSYC survey field. We detect 80,000 galaxies to equivalent magnitude R 27 mag, of which approximately 1,000 are X-ray-detected AGN observed with Chandra and XMM. Combining the Subaru data with optical, IR data and IRAC photometry we obtain photometric redshifts using EAZY, a fast public photometric redshift code, in the range 0