Chandra Observations Processing Status Fields

The table below lists the names of all available status fields with their descriptions. The last four columns indicate which fields are included in the observation report based on the report type chosen.
Field Description Long Short Dates Summary
PI First First Name        X
Last Name Last Name       X
Proposal Proposal Id number        X
ObsId Observation Id number (assigned by CXCDS) X X X X
SeqNum Observation sequence number (assigned by CDO) X X   X
Object Object name X X X X
RA Right Ascension. This represents the pointing position corrected for detector offset, but not for the SIM Z offset. X X    
Dec Declination. This represents the pointing position corrected for detector offset, but not for the SIM Z offset. X X    
Roll Roll angle X      
SIM-Z SIM-Z Position. SIM offset along the Z-axis (transverse direction) in mm X      
Instrument Readout instrument/detector
When specifying the instrument in the selection criteria, the focal plane detector is used. This will result in an inconsistency when the readout detector is not in the focal plane.
X X    
Grating  Transmission grating inserted X X    
DataMode  Data mode:
ReadMode Read-out mode (ACIS only):
Type Type of observation:
GO: Guest Observer
GTO: Guaranteed Time Observation
TOO: Target Of Opportunity (approved by peer review)
DDT: Director's Discretionary Time
CAL: Calibration observation
ER: Engineering Request
Data Rights Data rights:
S: Standard proprietary (12)
D: Discretionary (3)
N: None (public)
1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
6 months
9 months
Obs Date Start date and time of observation X X X X
OCat Status  Status of the observation in the archive:
partially observed
Note that this status changes from scheduled to (partially) observed only when the data products are ingested into the archive)
Public Rel Date Date when data products become (became) publicly available; NULL means unknown X X   X
Apprvd Time Approved exposure time (ks) X   X X
Sched Time Scheduled time (ks)     X  
On Target Time Total time spent on-target (ks)     X  
Good Time Good data exposure time (ks) X   X X
Charge Time Time charged against allocation (ks) X      
Pipe. Config. Pipeline configuration used for processing:
primary: normal configuration for observations
secondary: limited configuration for observation using secondary instrument (i.e., instrument not in focal plane)
primary_obc: limited configuration using on board aspect
standard: limited calibration configuration (processing only through L0)
Proc Type Automated processing or custom processing X X X  
Proc Version Version of processing of observation X   X  
Proc Status Processing status (2 parts):
DONE: completed
BLOCKED: pipelines need more information or a s/w fix
ERROR: processing error, under investigation
PENDING: in progress
The second part displays the current level if not L2.
X X X  
Proc Date Date of processing operation X   X  
Release Version of CXCDS software release used for processing X      
CALDB Version Version of CALDB reference in the L2 event fits file. X      
Issue(s) Issues that apply to processing of observation. Issues shown in parentheses () are closed. X X X X
Ingested Ingested status of data products. X      
V&V Version Version of Verification & Validation of processing X   X  
V&V Status Verification & Validation status of Automated Processing data products:
NULL: No V&V Report available yet
OK: Approved for distribution
Hold: Internal DS hold
Problem: Referred to CDO
Repro+DD: Reprocessing required but distribution approved
ReprNoDD: Reprocessing required; do not distribute
X X X  
Review Review by Chandra Director's Office or Aspect team required X X X  
V&V Date Date of Verification & Validation X X X  
Data Distr Date Data delivery date: Date PI was notified of data being available X X X X
Data Mail Date Date hard medium was mailed X   X  

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