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Specific Help for Chandra Cost Proposal Submission


Cost Proposal requirements can be found in the Summary of Requirements for GO Stage-2 Cost Proposal Submission at Additional Cost Proposal submission details can be found in the Call for Proposals Chapter 8:


The Stage 2 Cost Proposal deadline (for both hardcopy and electronic submissions) is 6 p.m. EDT on September 27, 2018. Late proposals may not be accepted. We recommend submission well before the deadline to avoid last minute problems.


RPS provides a facility for filling the Chandra Cost Proposal form. Electronic submission of the Cost Proposal form is required. The budget justification and other material can also be electronically submitted as a PDF file.

After electronic submission of the Cover Page and Budget Form, the user should use the PDF button to obtain a hardcopy of the submitted form. This file should be saved and used for the hardcopy submission that must be signed by the Institution's authorized signatory and submitted to the SAO Subawards Section.

A short description of each RPS form button (alphabetic order)

General instructions for WWW RPS:

  1. Enter the proposal data into the RPS form.
  2. Save the proposal data often! For this, use the Save button on the RPS form. The form will be saved as an HTML file on a disk at the user's site so it can be re-loaded at any time.
  3. Verify the proposal data for completeness and accuracy. For this, use the Verify button on the RPS form.
  4. Save the 'verified' proposal data to a local disk. For this, use the Save button on the RPS form.
  5. Submit the proposal to the SAO/Chandra X-ray Center. For this, use the Submit RPS Form button on the RPS form which will only appear once the proposal has been successfully verified. Pressing this button should be done only once per proposal.
  6. Save a hardcopy of the proposal. You will need to mail a signed hard copy of the proposal. Keep a copy for your records. Use the PDF button to obtain the hardcopy.
  7. Finally, you may optionally choose to electronically submit your budget justification file(s). Up to 2 files may be transferred using the Budget Justification button.

Detailed Instructions

Detailed instructions for the preparation of the Cost Proposal Cover Page can be found at:

Detailed instructions for preparation of the Budget Form and the Budget Justification can be found at:

Check List

Note: Proprietary documents must clearly be marked "Proprietary"

RPS was written at the HEASARC and modifications to support Chandra were made at the CXC.
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