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Last modified: 13 March 2017

HRC: High Resolution Camera

Microchannel plate imaging detector on Chandra (PI: S.Murray, SAO) which contains two arrays: a square for imaging (HRC-I) and a narrower strip (HRC-S). HRC-S is primarily for readout of the diffraction gratings, especially LETG, and for high time resolution observations (using the central element only).

Murray, S. S., Austin, G., Chappell, J. H., Gomes, J., Kenter, A., Kraft, R., Meehan, G., Zombeck, M., Fraser, G., Serio, S. 2000, SPIE, 4012, 68

See the Proposers' Observatory Guide (POG) and the SAO HRC website for technical details. The CXC HRC Calibration webpages have the latest calibration status.

Last modified: 13 March 2017
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